"Nina is one of the most talented dance performers I have seen in our program in the past decade. Possessed of a clear sense of line and dynamic phrasing, her work is musically and dramatically riveting. Nina is certainly an impact performing artist."

    -Jim Coleman, Chair, Five College Dance Department


"The studio couldn't be more excited to have her. Her creativity and exciting choreography are a true asset to our programming."

    -Zoé Henrot, Artistic Director, Saint Paul Ballet


"Nina supported me with such care and trust that I will forever remember her as my most supportive dance instructor. I only wish I had more time to learn from her, both in the studio and outside of it."

-Jake Lans, Student, Pomfret School '12


"Nina is extraordinary to work with- A true professional with endless vision. With very little prep, I was amazed at the choreography she put together, transforming even the most amateur of dancers into first-rate performers. she is incredibly kind and a pleasure to work with."

    -Grant Singer, Director/Filmaker


"Nina's incredible clarity of count, rhythm and unique movement quality shine throughout her work. Her rehearsal process is seamless and always fun!"

    -Mariam Dingillian MHC ’14, original cast of "Gobbledigook"