See What's Been Going On!

by Nina Joly

Hi readers, many thanks for checking out my work at! The past couple of years have brought several great projects, lots of fun teaching opportunities and tons of cool ideas. Here's some of what we've been up to!


May 2012

I had the pleasure of standing in as substitute Director of Dance at the Pomfret School in Pomfret, CT for Tony Guglietti while he toured eastern Europe with Sean Curran's company. The kids and I all workshopped pieces together during our afternoons in the studio, and our hard work concluded with great performances at the Spring Dance Concert- especially during Jake Lans' '12 hilarious and energetic duet, the audience was at the edge of their lawnchairs!


During May, I also spent a few days back at MHC throwing together a weird and funny little routine for the '12 graduating seniors' Commencement Concert called "Dear and Darling." Take a look at it on my "Video" page!

July 2012

The band got back together and put on a very cool reunion performance of my 2011 piece "Gobbledigook" as the finale of the 2012 Check Us Out Dance Festival in Central Park. Check out the original piece on my "Video" page, then compare it to the outdoor version! Brought to you by a few frequent flier miles, a battery-powered iHome and eight hours of rehearsal in a Columbia University classroom. Here's the vid: 

November 2012

I was honored to be invited by Terese Freedman, chair of the Mount Holyoke Dance Department, back to my alma mater to serve for the semester as a Guest Artist in Dance. From September to November, I worked with freshman and sophomore dance students to create a new piece and introduce new dancers to the department. Our finished piece, "A Genuine Jig," was a joy to perform at the 2012 FCDD Fall Faculty Dance Concert. Video to come soon!

Since I relocated to Olympia, WA in 2013, new projects have been quickly piling up! Keep checking back for more news.